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Dare to be Alive

Dare to be ALIVE

Informative Talk

By Ros Russnak

May 17 Equilibrium Centre, Ramsdell 15.00-17.00

I am really excited to be able to share the story of my adventures and the experiences I made when I was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and had to choose between losing my breast and trying to save it.


You are invited to come along for and informative talk and introduction to the power each and every one of us has to help our body to heal itself. The principles of self-healing are the same for any physical or emotional imbalance which we call dis-ease.

This adventure took me on a wild water ride into uncharted territory, sometimes bewildering, sometimes disheartening, but after one year there were no signs left of the cancer. It brought new depth and meaning to “self-empowering”. There always is a choice, in each and every moment of our life. So bring your friends and join us at the Equilibrium Centre for a very interesting afternoon indeed.

For those interested in exploring self-healing further I have developed a series of 6 one day workshops which will explore in depth the different stages and strategies for self healing. This brings together many tools from the exquisite arts of Energy Healing ( I am a graduate of the School of Energy Healing), Shamanic Healing and the Tantras.


Dare to be Alive

Self-healing workshop

Venue: The Equilibrium Centre, Ramsdell

Dates: May 31, June 7, June 14, June 20, June 28, July 5


The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and to return back to a state of equilibrium and well-being. Every cell in every biological system has the innate tendency to move towards positive stimuli as documented by eminent scientists like Bruce Lipton PhD ( Biology of Belief) Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) and many others working on the forefront of science.

The human body is so much more than a collection of separate operating systems and isolated mechanical or chemical processes. For thousands of years sensitives with Extra Sensory Perception of all cultures have been describing the Human Energy Field as emanations of light or Auras, and the channels of energy flowing through the body as Chi, prana, Odic Energy, Chakras and many more. They are also aware of blockages which stop these energies from flowing which result in certain parts of the body developing disease.

In this 6 day course we will explore simple tools for Self-Healing in a step-by-step journey into the world of Energy. It is an individual journey of self-discovery which will show you how to listen to the messages from your own body and in a constructive way to support your Balancing System which will lead you back to the joy and bliss of the life you were meant to live.

These 6 basic tools for self-healing will make up the foundation required to manifest:

  • Understanding of the nutritional needs of your physical body
  • Return your emotions to joy and bliss
  • Working with intention and the power of thought
  • Healing Relationships and capacity for self-love
  • Explore ways of bringing the Power back to you
  • Balancing male and female energies

This unique program consists of 6 one day workshops, held over a period of 6 weeks that build upon each other to give you a complete toolkit at the end of the course. We will explore techniques from the Tantras  based on the teachings of Daniel Odier, Shamanic Power tools passed on to me by Howard Charing from the Eagle’s Wing and Energy Healing tools based on the teachings of Barbara Ann Brennan.

But most importantly these tools and techniques have been used by me when I healed my body from cancer. One of the most important lessons I learned on this journey is that we are all unique and the sources and reasons for developing disease are as varied and diverse as the human race. But the key to self-healing is also very uniquely stored within each individual. What unlocked my door might not be the key to unlocking your door, so the emphasis is for each participant of this course to gain the confidence and support to explore their own healing and learn to trust their own bodies.



Course Fee:

Deposit   £100.00

Per day  £40.00 payable on the day

Total £ 340.00


  • This course is of special importance to anyone who is in the process of healing and recovering from any illness or operation, who wants to complement and support the healing efforts of other healing professionals.
  • If you are simply curious about the mechanics of healing or you want to learn to live your life from a positive intention and find out about self-healing.
  • If you are a Complimentary Practitioner of any kind this informative expedition reveals the scientific and spiritual aspects of the phenomenon of healing and its benefits.
  • If you are interested in joining this wonderful journey of exploration then please fill out the Booking Form to REGISTER NOW and reserve your place.
  • Once you have registered we will contact you with further information on the course.




How to SUCCEED when faced with overwhelming odds


Reading: Lifesstory, Eldon Square.

28 December 2007

18.00 - 19.30 Entrance free, donations invited


Histon, pelase inquire about directions

29 December 2007

19.00 - 20.30

Entrance free, donations invited

for details, roadmaps, reserve a space and any other inquiries please contact


or Jim Doyle for Cambridge event at




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Goddess Weekend

Explore the feminine Power - Mooncycle Alignment

Moon Gazing


On the night of the New Moon, the feminine intuition is most closely aligned with the natural cycles. This is the time to plant your seeds for the coming moon cycle.

Using the amazingly intuitive cards from “Songs for The Journey Home” a sacred space of creation is established and insights and contemplations for the month ahead are explored.


Shakti Energy


The feminine based Yoga of Light, an exploration of Tantra and Alchemy explores the unique dynamics of the female energy field to align with the Great Goddess.

This includes Cleansing the Luminous Body, Igniting the Inner Fire, Awakening the Serpent Power, Opening the Heart and Healing the Luminous Body.


Fire Ritual


Dancing, Singing and Drumming around the open Flame.

Shamanic Release Ritual and mending Relationship Cords.


These activities take place over two evenings from 19.00 – 21.00


Venue:  Casa Leones, Piedra Amarilla near Albox, Spain


Cost:  € 10.00 pro evening


For directions, more information and to reserve a place please contact Ros on


0034- 661 708 556



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Shamanic Healing Journeys

Shamanic Healing Journeys


This could also be called Journeys to Freedom.

Using the traditional shamanic drumming to lead you on a journey where you are likely to experience some surprising, some beautiful and some life-changing events.


  • You will learn to move in and out of quantum consciousness at will- these vast transpersonal realms of freedom, awareness, creativity, healing and bliss which lie beyond time and space and are accessible only through your quantum mind.
  • You will make friends with compassionate non-physical energies – ‘spirits’ ij you like – in the quantum realms. You will learn to work in collaboration with their power, and make good use of their wisdom, inspiration, and strength to create what you want in your life.
  • You will lean to bring back the wealth you find there to enrich the day-to-day would of your life, the lives of others and the life o the earth as a whole.
  • You will come more and more to live as the multi-sensory being which you naturally are – someone not limited to the perceptions of the five senses alone.
  • Gradually, progressively, you will find a natural alignment of your personality with your soul taking place. So that the inside of you and the outside sing the same song. As this happens you will come in touch with your own authentic power and experience freedom of the highest order.
  • As a natural outcome of the alignment between soul and personality you will move towards an experience of even greater co-operation with others in both the mundane world and in the quantum realms.
  • When this occurs freedom and responsibility become natural partners fused together by joy in the service of life.


These sessions last for approx. 2 hours and open to anyone who is interested.

This can take the form of a progressive exploration of the different realms of the shamanic world, or each journey is complete and can stand alone.


Venue:  Casa Leones, Piedra Amarilla, near Albos, Spain


Cost: € 15.00 per session


For driving instructions, more information and to reserve a place please contact


Ros at ros@healingyou.eu


Tel: 0034 661 708 556



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Chakra Balancing

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Cancer and Nutrition

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What is Energy Healing?

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Living with Cancer

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