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Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Ros’s talk on Sunday.  Amazing stuff.

M. Basingstoke


Ros did a remote energy healing for me, which was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I wasn't sure what to expect but Ros explained it very clearly and carefully to me and told me I would know when it was over, which I did. The healing empowered me to make changes in my life, which I had wanted to make for many years but had been unable to do. I have enormous confidence in Ros and would warmly recommend her to anyone. She is a gifted Healer and a remarkable human being.

J.R. Auditor, Glostershire

Hello Ros,

I really have to tell you that this healing has been the most profound experience of my entire life. I have received many healings over the years, but nothing has ever taken me to such a deep and profoundly healing and nourishing space as the healing I received from you last week. It has taken me to another dimension where living and dying no longer holds a mystery. If I had a thousand Pounds to give I would gladly give them to you, for that healing was worth every penny of it.

In Gratitude
H.G. Almeria

My healings have been great. I used to have the worst hayfever and since my healings I have not needed to use medication. It has made a huge difference to my life and I am really pleased not to be taking chemicals anymore.... Ros has done hands on healing and has also worked on my hay-fever in distance healings which have worked with tremendous results. Good work that is greatly appreciated!

M.J. Co Director, Berkshire

Hi Ros,

I need to thank you a million times for all you have done for S.

He is in a really good space and has told me several times that "Life is good"!
The turnaround here is incredible.

W.D. Cambridge, UK


This DNA activation has changed my life beyond belief. Within days of the long distance DNA activation I went for an interview for my dream job, and was offered the position, in fact I received two job offers the very same day. After months of unemployment this was like a miracle. I can not thank you enough, and I am happily recommending you to all of my friends.

R.W. Berkshire

Hello Roswitha,

After 4 months I can really see, just how much my relationships have improved after attending your Relationship Cords workshop. It was a lot of information to take on board, and I have used much of it in my daily life. As a result, I am finally communicating with my teenage daughter!!! It is not all plain sailing yet, still a few confrontations now and then, but the difference in the way in which we talk to each other has had a ripple effect on all the other members of the family as well.

And also  my problems at work seem to have just dissolved. My boss is so much friendlier towards me now. In fact he has just promoted me to manager. My friends have noticed  how I manage stress and confrontations so much better, and two of them have asked me, when you are running another one of these courses, they are very interested and would like to attend.  Can you please let me know, when and where you have more workshops planned?

Many thanks

S.M. Elche


This shamanic soul retrieval was a life changing healing. After years of knowing who I am, but not being able to realize it I can now live life in a way I've never been able to before.

P. Brighton


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