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Healing Animals

Healing Stolli - connecting with his chakras and sensing into the blockages to release them and create a free flow of energy is just as effective in horses as it is in humans. Healing Stolli

I went shopping on the market the other day, and was suddenly greeted by the full beam smile and a big hug from my massage therapist. Then she told me that one of her dogs was completely changed the day after the healing I gave him. He is back to his old playful self and totally transformed. I had almost forgotten about the incident. I went for a massage about 4 weeks ago, when my therapist told me that she had been spending a fortune with the local vet. They have undertaken every test imaginable and still could not find a reason why he could not keep his food down and was getting thinner and thinner, they were fearing the worst for him, I offered to give him a quick healing after the massage. When I connected with the dog, I could not detect any spark of life in there, as if he had given up the will to live. I also could not sense any physical ailment, so I asked the divas and angel helpers to come and support me to give him the healing that he needed.

The Placebo Effect


Energy healing - healing animals, without a doubt disproving the placebo effect.Rhiannon with dove by Helena Nelson Reed

Many times sceptics of the power of Energy Healing will argue about the placebo effect, or the influence that religion or belief systems have on the psyche of the patient. It is often claimed that these healings are not real, and are just in the mind and many other negative or disparaging opinions can be heard. I don’t want to spend much time in even discussing these.
Animals do not have a belief system, animals are not open to the power of persuasion, animals can not be deceived or manipulated. But animals can be healed. These wonderful healings that happen within the animal kingdom are proof alone of the effectiveness of the power of energy healing. Some people need to use labels and call it either alternative therapy or complementary therapy, whatever label feels comfortable to use, will have to do until we find a new and better way of naming this form of healing.

To date I have been successfully healing horses, cats and dogs, but as every day brings new surprises, I do not rule out the ability to heal any other type of animal as well.
Although the chakras in the animals are located along the same axis of the spine as in humans, there are some different ways of accessing these power points with each animal.

By tuning into the needs of the animal, and sometimes by connecting to their higher spirit and asking for guidance, each healing has been beneficial.

Distance Healing for Animals

Protecting Angel by Helena Nelson Reed

Some of the healings on animals have been by direct hands-on contact and some of these healings have been on animals living many miles away and have been conducted with the same principles as the Long Distance Healings for humans.

To help me in establishing a strong connection it can be helpful to have a shaving of fur, or clipping sent to me in advance. Sometimes just a picture alone is enough to get a clear and strong connection to the etheric body of the animal.

I also found that it is possible to connect with the spirit of recently departed animals and visiting them on the other side, to make sure that their transition has been complete and communicate with their higher spirits and relay last messages to their owners or carers.

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